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Roland Belcher


Roland was approached by TRW to start a Title Company in Garden City in 1991.

We opened the Garden City office that year and added Stewart Title, Commonwealth, and Chicago Title underwriters.

He moved back to his hometown of Kingman in 1998 and opened the Wichita and Kingman offices.

He sold the Garden City and Kingman offices in 2013 to focus on the Wichita market.

Rhonda Scully

Comptroller and Title Agent

Rhonda was approached by Roland to help him open a Title Company in Garden City in 1991.

She started as the bookkeeper and learned the Title Business taking her Title test in 2007.

She moved to Wichita to run the market in 2011.

She currently fills both roles as the Comptroller and Title Agent.

Frank Woods

Title Examiner

Frank comes with plenty of experience in the Title Industry having started 1996 with O’Rourke Title.

Over the years he has handled recordings, policies, and also run title departments.

He has held the position of title examiner since 2000.

Pam Cooley


Pam has 15 years of Real Estate background and came to Land Title February 2020 to become a full time closing Agent . Her duties include pre and post processing of files and closing tasks.

Joe Mitchell

Title Examiner

Hanna Walmsley

Final Policy Processor

Hanna is a final policy and closing processor with 6 years of experience. She started scanning in 2015 and has since been promoted to a closing agent. She is responsible for making sure everything is submitted correctly and handling closing responsibilities.


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